Moving with our Antique printing press

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here is a little video I put together showing how we transported our Antique printing press from our old office to our new one. It was not a matter of getting a few mates round, these things are not easily shifted. These guys took care of it well and it is now waiting for us to join it on the 1st November. There are certain parts on the press which are not going to survive a hard knock or too much pressure on them so we had to be very careful where we fixed the straps. The press started to wobble on the way up to the window and we were getting pretty nervous, but the swinging subsided and the machine landed safely on all four legs on the solid floor in the new studio. Yay, roll on Novemeber 1st!!!!

song ‘People turning on each other’ by Sleep Room.


you can hear more from the band Sleep Room  or purchase the song /album here

Rowena Downing Business cards – Luxury stationery

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We completed these lovelies for Rowena a week ago and shipped them off to her in Switzerland for a marketing event she was attending. They went down very well she tells us.

edge painted luxury business cardsedge painted luxury business cards 

We duplexed Somerset Velvet 250 gsm paper to make a nice 500gsm card which was just that little bit more flexible than the usual Gmund  600 gsm that we use when creating edge painting. This of course makes for a lot of work but it does allow you to get a nice impression on both sides without any show through. After the cards are printed they are duplexed and then cut before apply the edge colour.

blind de-bossed luxury business cards

We will be designing and printing some more luxury stationery for rowena in the coming weeks so watch this space. Visit rowena’s website at

Farbschnitt – Edge painted cards

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Farbschnitt is the German word for edge painting and it literally translates as ‘colour cut’. Edge painting is generally the application of colour to the edge of  business cards, invitations, books etc. it is like guilding in a way. Edge painting is very special and not overly common, in fact it sets your business cards far apart from the competition. Interestingly enough, we find that most of our clients that request edge painting are in fact Graphic Designers themselves. More recently we are receiving many more requests for edge painting whether it be business cards, wedding invitations or even postcards, so here are a few examples of the work we have printed in our loudbang design/ kikisoso studio in Cologne.

farbschnitt Visitenkarten machen lassen
business cards printed on 600 gsm gmund paper

farbschnitt Visitenkarten machen lassen
on 300 gsm gmund paper. thicker is usually better and more noticeable

farbschnitt Visitenkarten machen lassen
we printed David Airey’s cards with a vibrant orange farbschnitt 

farbschnitt Visitenkarten machen lassen
another pantone matched for these cards. Grey 600gsm card with a twist

farbschnitt Visitenkarten machen lassen
Samay wanted a florescent pink farbschnitt and this is our favourite finish

farbschnitt Visitenkarten machen lassen
bright y-orange for my cards as it is the happiest colour… apparently 

farbschnitt Visitenkarten machen lassen

letterpress beer coasters - farbschnitt
not limited to business cards. Beer mats are ideal for edge painting


Thanks for reading my post. Do you like edge painting and when do you find it works best? I would love to hear your comments. If your interested in having your own business cards letterpress printed with or without the farbschnitt then get in touch with us for a quotation here >> 

New Logo design for Cologne Bee-Keeper

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graphic design and letterpress
Bienwerk logo complimented with handwritten text to give it a more playful feel 

This is the new logo design we created for the Cologne based Bienwerk a Bee-Keeper and honey maker. The project entailed a re-design of the logo, a packaging concept,  illustrations and letterpress printing. The logo was then implemented into a business card layout and also letterpress printed with a tactile fingertip impression.

The subtle impression visible as the black ink bites into the soft cotton stock

The idea for the honey jar label was that we would always have one area which could be added to or changed according to season, events, local landmarks or any other themes that come to mind. The middle of the following three illustrations is currently in use but the top one we have been trying to sell to Frank the Bee-Keeper, but he is still a wee bit shy. For the overall packaging concept we worked on the idea of ‘The rule of thirds’, the client did not want to have a huge label as it covers too much of the product and hides that beautiful glow of the honey. He also wanted to avoid sealing the lid with plastic stickers or the like and came up with this super binding solution using a locally sourced twine. We decided that the label should hold the twine in place and so we gently creased the paper on each side of the twine. This meant that when the seal was broken, the label would not tear too much, in the end this worked out perfectly, when the twine is pulled up the paper automatically closes over the void making it almost undetectable, which is nice.

Our illustrations for the honey jar packaging. Bee-keeper and tools he uses

Here is the finished product. It has been entered in the Fedrigoni Packging competition so fingers crossed.

Thanks for reading my post. Do you like the logo, and do you think it fits the product? I would love to hear your comments.

Graphic Designers Business cards

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graphic designer's business cards - letterpress
These Graphic Designers Business cards belong to our neighbor Nick Bohlen of Bohlen design. Nick was troubled by the bad quality orange he was getting from digital printing and so we simply mixed the colors from our rubber based Pantone base colors to match his HKS colour chip. CMYK really can’t produce a nice bright orange like this and unless using a spot colour in Offset printing you are always going to end up with a brownish orange.

designers business cards - letterpress

we used the house cotton stock and laid on a little more impression to get the embossed effect on the logo as you can see here it turned out nicely.

pantone mixing

Matching the colour is difficult in letterpress printing. You have to mix the colour according to how many impressions you usually need to get an even print. For example, if you mix the colour for one impression but you then find that your job needs two runs through the press then you end up with a much darker colour than you anticipated. It is always wise to test the colour on the same paper too as this can also have an effect on the colour. For Nick’s cards we were able to get a nice coverage with just one print.

designers business cards - letterpress

Thanks for reading my post. Do you like the cards? Are you a designer that avoids using orange sometimes because of how digital prints turn out?  I would love to hear your comments.


Simple letterpress card

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Somerset Velvet Paper
This card reads ” look!  …we print beautiful cards like these’ and this is our own current letterpress calling card. It showcases how a simple letterpress card can really stand out from the mass digital prints we see everywhere today. Everyone delights on the beauty of a letterpress card as they feel it’s impression with their fingertips.  Printed on Neenah Paper’s Cranes Cotton lettra with a medium grey ink the cards are subtle but classy.  

simple_letterpress_cards on cotton paper.
Close up: On the above image you can see the subtle impression into the soft cotton paper, although the contrast makes it look even deeper than it actually is.

We don’t like to print too deep into the stock, although it seems to be the modern way. We find, like many other modern day letterpress printers out there, that if you can see it and just feel it on one side, but not the other, then it is a job well done. The problem with very deep impression is that it invariably shows on the reverse side of the cards (unless you use a much heavier weight of paper for course) and the very deep impression makes text sometimes just look wrong, the curves and serifs of the fonts sometimes lost in the swell of the paper around them.

letterpress beer coasters -  effective as business cards or to replace flyers.
Letterpress Beer mats: Edge painting these coasters really helped them ‘pop’. They were not long disappearing when we set them outside our studio last week. Another batch already being prepared.

Still on the self promotion theme, we had also decided to create a number of flashy edge painted beer coasters detailing our services. These lovely chunky recycled cards have proven to be very popular with passers by, each helping themselves to a set of 4. We will be offering printing on beer coasters for our clients too, so if your interested get in touch.

The German terms printed on the beer mats translated below…

Grusskarten: Letterpress greeting cards
Babyanzeigen: Letterpress Baby Announcements
Briefpapier: Personal letterheads and stationery
Visitenkarten: Business cards / Calling cards
Einladungskarten: Letterpress Invitations (Birthday /Anniversary / any invitations really)
Hochzeitspapeterie: Letterpress Wedding invitations and stationery
Letterpress Produktionen für Grafiker & Agenturen: Letterpress production for Graphic designers & Creative Agencies
Hochwertige Privatdrucksachen: High quality private printing requirements.

letterpress beer mat - simple idea as a n alternative to business cards. But look out…they are usually taken in sets of 4 ;)

Kikisoso offers bespoke letterpress printing and also a number of simple templates for social calling cards that you can select from on our online store. You can of course contact us if you would like to enquire about a bespoke design or for printing your own artwork, which we will be happy to do.



Simple Letterpress business cards printed on Somerset Velvet Paper

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Just off the press – printed on Somerset Velvet Paper 

A lovely little one-colour card we printed on Somerset Velvet Paper for Mirjam and Johanna from Mijo Architect Büro based here in Cologne. The paper was a little thinner than our usual 300gsm stock which is Neenah Paper’s Crane Lettra cotton.

The Paper

The Somerset Velvet Paper we used was a 250gsm stock and it is a very well know printmakers paper made in St Cuthberts Mill, Somerset, United Kingdom. This particular paper also has a digital version which is made for professional photographers using professional Epson inkjet printers. It has a lovely texture and although not the brightest white it has a beautiful quality which accepts the letterpress ink very well and gives a nice sharp edge to deeper impression work.

business cards printed on somerset velvet paper
You can see the lovely texture of the paper, no wonder it is so popular for artist prints etc. 



Letterpress invitations with Kuwaiti Sadu pattern

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letterpress wedding invitations

These letterpress invitations for a Kuwaiti wedding were printed by kikisoso from the bride to be’s own designs. (she is a Graphic Designer from Kuwait). By using 600gsm extra chunky Gmund cotton card the impressions were not visible from the other side. The invitations were paired with Gmund envelopes and sealed with a wax stamp made from photopolymer. Both colors mixed to match Pantone colors supplied by the client. Although we originally wanted to use gold color on the rear of the invitations, we later decided against it as the uncoated paper would not allow the gold color to sheen like intended.

See more letterpress printing by kikisoso here

Letterpress_wedding_invita copy



kikisoso’s letterpress Valentines Day cards – Impressive

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letterpress valentines cards - heart impression - I love you card

it’s nearly that time again, valentines day and time for the letterpress valentines day cards. OK, it is not everyone’s thing, but, If you ARE going to send a card this valentines day, then go that extra mile and make an ‘impression’ with these lovelies. These cards are not only original by design but they are also printed on eco friendly 100% cotton card so you won’t only be saving yourself from a disappointed partner (if you don’t buy a card that is) but you will also be saving trees and that is really spreading the love.

Cards available to buy online now at kikisoso creative.

letterpress valentines cards - floating hearts - letterpress rabbit

letterpress valentines cards - heart impression - I love you card

letterpress valentines cards - heart impression - love is in the air

letterpress valentines cards - rabbit floppy ears

Smallest Printing Company – Letterpress effect

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The Smallest Printing Company -  Beautiful mini printing studio. A miniature screen printing bed and letterpress

An innovative Letterpress Effect / technique and a compact screen printing bed… simply genius, the smallest printing company project by 'Letterproeftuin'. I absolutely love this project, sent to me in a link from my graphic designer friend Stefan. It all works, the screen printing bed and the letterpress effect achieved with an albion style press, in small scale albeit. The project was in fact part of the International Poster and Graphic Design Festival Chaumont 2013.

alternative printing studio - the smallest design company - International Poster and Graphic Design Festival Chaumont 2013.

I have just learned a bit about the Letterproeftuin conception and find it very interesting indeed. They call it a traveling open-source design studio and they try to encourage graphic designers to 'get their hands dirty' in an otherwise controlled and non inspiring corporate design path. Basically the same reason why my wife and I were encouraged to start our printing company kikisoso creative after a visit to the Frankfurter Buchmesse (Frankfurt Book Fair)

This incites design inspiration, understanding of the printing process and encourages collaboration with like-minded design and printing professionals. I have inserted a few images from their feature on the smallest design company below, but you should also visit their homepage for a breath of fresh air.

you can read more about the Smallest Printing Company here but please don't forget to visit the letterproeftuin homepage here

Amazon Prime Air – Flying drones delivering in 30 mins.

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isn't this just a little bit scary? it's also pretty cool, don't get me wrong, but is it not just a bit too much?

Amazon Prime Air – Amazon the leading online superstore is going a step further, the 30 minute shopping basket to your doorstep option under the name 'Prime Air'. The parcels will be delivered, not by courier, but by 'unmanned drones'. Mad little robots flying around with up to 2.5 kilos in little orange plastic boxes. But it could also just be another marketing trick boosting Amazon traffic and interest just before Christmas. It's all a bit 5th Element Style but it may just happen, Who knows? watch this space.

letterpress christmas cards (100% cotton / Hand pressed) from kikisoso studio

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Letterpress christmas cards – Now available to buy at kikisoso studio’s online store.


kikisoso have released their Hand-Printed letterpress Christmas Cards , hand-fed one by one into an antique Golding printing press these cards are anything but common. Because of the process, every single card is slightly different There is a lot of love that goes into the creation of each of these cards, from the first idea, mixing the ink, paper cutting, folding and packing. They are printing short runs of 300 for each design, so they are like a limited addition piece of artwork  on the finest cotton paper stock.


Kikisoso’s Christmas letterpress cards are available to buy at their online shop and they offer international shipping. There are currently two different ranges of the cards, the first one is the ‘faces’ collection and the later simply called ‘Snowy’ each range consists of three beautiful simple designs.  Hand- Letterpress_weihnachtskarten_fuchs_03 Letterpress_weihnachtskarten_fuchs_23 Letterpress_weihnachtskarten_inuit_01 Letterpress_weihnachtskarten_inuit_02 Letterpress_weihnachtskarten_POLAR_BEAR_01 Letterpress_weihnachtskarten_penguin_03 Letterpress_weihnachtskarten_penguin_02 Letterpress_weihnachtskarten_penguin_01   Letterpress_weihnachtskarten_inuit_03 Letterpress_weihnachtskarten_POLAR_BEAR_02 Letterpress_weihnachtskarten_polar_bear_04 Letterpress_weihnachtskarten_polar_bear_03 hand-made christmas cards Letterpress_weihnachtskarten_seal_02 SHOP_images_2013
I hope you enjoyed the kikisoso post 😉 As a small hand-work studio, they really appreciate the ‘Facebook Likes‘ and ‘Sharing’ of their printed goods through any of the social media platforms like Pinterest, Twitter or any of the rest, and if you like something please let them know, that’s essentially how word of mouth can help small businesses to continue to do what they love doing.
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