10 Great Guerrilla Marketing Examples

Great Guerrilla Marketing is out there but not in Cologne

I love this stuff but I am sorry to say that I do not come across so many guerrilla marketing campaigns in the street or in my day-to -day wanderings here in the Cologne Südstadt. OK, there were a handful of pink bicycles placed at strategic points all over the city at one point, but I can’t for the love of design remember what they were for, a failed project I suppose. 

guerrilla marketing - wollstreet - wollladen Köln
Well, now there is a similar idea but with a twist. A wool shop, aptly named Wool Street, located  on Zugweg in the Cologne Südstadt have presented a Hollander bicycle with a lovely figure hugging knitted wool outfit in last years shade of purple, and it looks great! (my iPhone takes awful pictures so I need to take it with a real camera next time, but you get the idea). The other examples here, I found in an old folder on my computer which I had found online maybe a few years ago, so maybe not the most up-to-the-minute but entertaining none the less.

Great Guerrilla Marketing -  Hoover

who would have thought it, even up here.

Great Guerrilla Marketing - Otto

a brilliant idea, it would be great to see it in action, I am sure it brought a few laughs.
Great Guerrilla Marketing - ONE
ok, it is not really Guerrilla marketing, but it is a nice idea all the same. It is a piece of marketing for a television documentary about the ill-fated Marie Queen of Scots, who of course was beheaded for plotting to murder Queen Elizabeth I

Great guerrilla marketing - Duracell


nice idea exaggerating Duracell’s strength in a funny way. Works great so long as none trips over that fake cover and bashes their brains in on the escalator steps 😉

Great Guerrilla Margeting - Death Proof
Guerrilla Marketing at it's best. A Severed arm just lying around and causing a stir
Great Guerrilla Marketing - Giant Peg


I was unable to find out what this was for (OK, perhaps pegs) but its just really cool to see ridiculously outsized things popping up out of the background.

Great Guerrilla Marketing - Unicef
no explanation required. Brilliant idea for the Unicef Charity fighting chronic malnutrition.

Great Guerrilla Marketing - Energy

Great Guerrilla Marketing - Cancer Research , UK
it says on the bench "Susan James loved sitting here, and she still does thanks to cancer research".campaign by Ogilvy London to promote Cancer Research UK. 
Guerrilla Marketing Examples - tibits
Ok, so its 11, but this schweppes one was pretty smart so I threw it in there.
Guerrilla Marketing Examples - schweppes


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