Apple LED Cinema Display 27, unavailable?

Not really the most interesting post today, but a question on my mind for the past two months. On December 8th last year I ordered the Apple LED Cinema Display 27 after a long time deciding whether it was worth the money or not, after deciding it was not but I was going to buy […]

Helvetica Shirts and Creative T-Shirts

Helvetica, isn't it? I am a fan of helvetica, I have already posted about it here. However… while browsing I have stumbled upon a number of helvetica shirts using the helvetica typeface as the main focus of the design so I have made a collection of them in this post. I am sort of unsure as to how I […]

Guerilla Marketing, my top 15 campaigns.

Guerilla Marketing is a form of advertising which…, in the beginning was assumed to be a Low Budget way to make High Impact advertisements.It was used to get the message directly out there through powerful and in your face methods with a very low budget. Often seen as shocking, disturbing, distasteful it is not everyones […]

Company Logo Design – Clever logos

Just a selection of my favourite logo designs on the web, some of them are very clever and others just simple in their design but each of them has something rememberable about them. I think there may be one or two of the follwing logos which are not actually logos for companies but rather logos […]

Company Logo Design

here is a selection of logos that i have created in the last few years. I like to keep my logo designs uncomplicated yet also recognisable within their industry. my next post will show some of my favourite logos on the net , with a nod in the typographic based logo direction. It is great […]

Clever graffiti – Art or Vandalisim

it's a difficult one, I suppose I would say I am against graffiti and to be completely honest, as a teenager I actually didn't do much more than write my name on a lamppost, which I suppose was actually called 'Tagging', The thing is, this is actually the kind of graffiti I now hate most. Writing your […]