Moving with our Antique printing press

transporting an antique printing press with a crane. Letterpress studio Cologne Germany

here is a little video I put together showing how we transported our Antique printing press from our old office to our new one. It was not a matter of getting a few mates round, these things are not easily shifted. These guys took care of it well and it is now waiting for us to join it on the 1st November. There are certain parts on the press which are not going to survive a hard knock or too much pressure on them so we had to be very careful where we fixed the straps. The press started to wobble on the way up to the window and we were getting pretty nervous, but the swinging subsided and the machine landed safely on all four legs on the solid floor in the new studio. Yay, roll on Novemeber 1st!!!!

song ‘People turning on each other’ by Sleep Room.


you can hear more from the band Sleep Room  or purchase the song /album here