Apple LED Cinema Display 27, unavailable?

Not really the most interesting post today, but a question on my mind for the past two months. On December 8th last year I ordered the Apple LED Cinema Display 27 after a long time deciding whether it was worth the money or not, after deciding it was not but I was going to buy it anyway, i made my order of the apple cinema 27" in a local mac dealer here in Cologne. When I placed my order I was told there was a 3 week waiting time, which of course is a long time, and I thought well, I can't find it online anywhere else and I supposed there was a rush for people buying the Apple Monitor as a Christmas gift and therefore accepted that I had to wait.

Five weeks after the order of the Apple cinema 27 I decided to contact the dealer and was told that there was no sign of the monitor and they would contact me when they heard something from Apple. Now, this is Germany and I don't mean to be unfair but in my personal experience custom support is rarely pleasing and in this case it is as always relatively poor. This means I have been contacting the Apple ReSeller on a few more occasions about my Apple Cinema display since 12th december to find out when I can expect my order to be told they don't know. I would have thought that after almost three months they might have contacted ME to tell me the progress (if any) but, as usual it was up to me. I wondered why they had not just phoned up Apple and said "Hey apple, where is our customers cinema 27 monitor?"  and then maybe Apple could say something like " We are not continuing our Apple Cinema Display 27 because we made the new Apple Thunderbold Cinema Display 27" monitor and although it does not function with your 1 year old Macbook Pro you can just simply order another Macbook Pro which will work with it"  but apparently it is not so easy with Apple, That is the words of the dealer. of course.

SO, Today, 27th February 2012 (12 weeks tomorrow ) I am still waiting for my Apple Cinema Display 27 and have no idea whether Apple are continuing to make the LED display or whether I have to buy an alternative. I was hoping that there would have been a new connector or something which would allow the Thunderbold Cinema display to function with my 1 Year old Macbook Pro but after wasting endless hours searching online for an answer, it seems that there is no solution other than to pay another 2800€ for the latest 8gb Ram Macbook Pro. I would love to hear from anyone that knows whether this LED Cinema 27 is going to cease production or whether it will be available soon, otherwise I will buy one on ebay or the likes which is less than a year old and then purchase a Apple Care Plan to save me the headaches and give me a little assurance. I would ask apple but you know, "It's not that easy with apple"

Update 5th March 2012: Still nothing from the Apple dealer and I missed a gem on ebay just the other night as I tried to bid on an Apple LED Cinema Display 27 which was only 4 months old and had a full warranty until 2014 from Gravis. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of using my iPhone 3Gs to make a bid in the last 30 seconds, it failed miserably as since updating to the OS4 accidentally while charging my iPhone it runs slower than you can imagine. I mustn't complain though, it is over 2 years old and it seems that apple products are only supposed to last for one year anyway.

Update 12th March 2012: the screen arrived and it is fantastic. Glad I waited for this one and didnt go buy one of the second hand ones on ebay as this model also includes the three cable which powers up your laptop keeping your desk free from unwanted cable mess. I recommend this screen highly, the colour is fantastic and for someone who appreciates music the speakers are a treat compared to the laptop. Another great thing on the monitor is the isight camera, it is much sharper than that of my macbook pro and I am using it quite a lot all ready.