Car Wars – Clever car advertisements

Car Wars advertisements, where did it all begin?

This is one of my favorite advertising campaigns, an oldie but a goodie, Car Wars, printed in any quality magazines through the year in 2006 and it was executed superbly by all contenders, BMW, Audi and Subaru and of course Bentley.

The story goes, that Audi started the war with the release of the new A4, challenging BMW with a simple "Your move BMW" which of course was soon answered with the following ad and the Tagline "Checkmate". It is not so often that a company challenges their biggest competitors but it is certainly something that causes a bit of a stir in the marketplace and of course a lot of attention. But in this case, as funny as it all was the joke is on both Audi and BMW in the end the last word went to Bentley with their superb response,  they just couldn't have put it better. Classic top notch advertising.

Car Wars - Audi verses BMW
here you can see where placement was very important, directly opposite Audi's challenge, enlarged and contrasting. And so the gloves are on…

Car Company Advertisements - Car Wars - Audi

car wars - bmw

car wars -  subaru
Subaru jumps on the bandwagon with this clever addition.

Car Company advertisements - car wars -  Bentley

This rivalry in advertising is nothing new however. BMW have also had a go at Mercedes and Jaguar with some other cheeky adverts. 

Car Wars - Jaguar versus BMW

Car Wars - BMW verses Mercedes

BMW had actually recorded the unavailing of their billboard war against Audi. You can see the video here

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