NEW letterpress business cards, just off the press

Kikisoso letterpress business cards

letterpress business cards - calling cards - deep impression -  letterpress faces

Cards side A before being cut to size. 250gsm 100% Cotton paper.

These letterpress business cards were for a very special customer, that being ourselves of course. We are not usually fans of deep impression letterpress but in this instance we decided to create a business card which serves as a perfect example of what letterpress is capable of. The modern letterpress printers are often using a deeper impression and it is probably what most of our customers are asking for too, they want to increase the de-bossing in order to make sure their cards are not mistaken as standard cards. I can understand that when you are paying much more than the price of digital or offset business cards because of the materials and hand work that is involved. But then, that is what letterpress cards are,something special, something luxurious, something that makes you stand put form the others.

The second side of the cards will be printed on separate sheets of 250 gsm cotton paper and then they will be duplexed together. The problem with a very deep impression is that it invariably bruises the paper on the reverse side, sometimes it is not so noticeable, but when it is, it gives the job a sort of imperfection. We try to avoid this at all costs and therefore if we are doing a two side job we would often use less impression and much thicker stock like a 500gsm or 600gsm lettra cotton paper. Duplexing can be done with a spray adhesive, but we like to use pva glue applied by silkscreen on one side of one of the cards and then clamp them together overnight before cutting them on the guillotine. They do not come unstiuck and nobody can even notice that they have be stuck together so what you have is a lovely chuncky yet soft cotton business card that people will love to hold in their hand and will always make a comment on. Deep impressions are not as important as first impressions however, so if you use the right paper the right design and have a well finished even print, then your card will stand out a mile whether it has a deep impression or a kiss impression.

letterpress deeper impression - cotton paper

A closer look at the deeper bite into the 100% cotton paper.

If you have any questions about the post or an enquiry about bespoke business cards such as our own cards featured above, then just comment below or email us through the contact form and we will be happy to help you in any way we can.

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Halloween costumes

Halloween costumes for inspiration

Inspirational halloween costumes are everywhere on the net. And they are usually much easier to make than you might think. Some of the best costumes I ever made were high impact with relatively little work and time. In the past I have been Edward Scissor Hands, Beavis and Butthead (amazing fun but a bit cold in shorts) Batman, the clown from Steven King’s IT and the last one I done for carnival here in Cologne, a man on an ostrich …also brilliant fun watching those ‘worst for wear’  trying to work out where my real legs were etc. But these were all easy halloween costume ideas.

Halloween costume - riding an ostrich

here are a few examples of very creative halloween costumes online. Like I said, some of these homemade halloween costume ideas are so simple to make.

clever halloween costumes

brilliant van goth self portrait , I have seen this done before where the person carries a picture frame around with them too, but the detail on this guy is amazing (look at the jacket).

clever halloween costumes

Another brilliant homemade halloween costume based on Roy Lichtenstein’s pop art works. 

Halloween costume ideas - toy soldiers

hilarious; I imagine these guys had immense fun while looking fantastic.  One of the best halloween costume ideas for groups.

Banksy halloween costume

Banksy halloween costume, this is a simple and yet superb idea. And there are lots of Banksy designs to work from.



Now the more gruesome Costumes

Creative Halloween Costumes

that’s really horrible but a great idea and definitely one to scare the cr*p out of your mates in the dark. Another easy haloween costume has to be the ‘head in a jar’ costume. This is the best one I had ever seen. 


Halloween costumes for couples

Halloween costumes for couples

Halloween costumes for couples

Halloween costumes for couples

Creepy stuff! That wraps up the best of the best of the diy halloween costumes I could find online.

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Halloween Inspirations

Halloween Inspirations – Our current window display

Halloween Window Displays

we filled the window with a bunch of autumn leaves and created this skeleton dude out of a cardboard box. He is holding a list of services that we provide in our day to day business. We were thinking of going mad with the window but as it was a last minute thing there was little time to invest when of course the window display would be somewhat temporary. It gets a lot of attention from the public walking past so I guess it was worth while. The follwoing images show how it looks in the day time and of course a close up of the services .

Halloween Inspirations - Window Display - Skeleton


Halloween Inspirations - Window Display - Skeleton

A hand written sign to detail our services hands from the skeletons bony hand. Poster painted on Rolled Somerset Paper.

The following selection of images I found online and find very inspirational. I am particularly impressed by the carved pumpkins. The others beat the traditional halloween characters that we see over and over.

Carved Pumpkin

Halloween Pumpkin Carving

Halloween window display

Comme Ca Shibuya Halloween window display

Halloween window display - skulls

Halloween Inspirations - MOZart Hair 01

Halloween Inspirations - MOZart Hair 01

nice close up of the web detail.

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bespoke Letterpress baby announcements

bespoke Letterpress baby announcements with three languages.

these letterpress baby announcement cards are just out the door and on their way to the client. As this year is the Year of the dragon in China, this little man was called chen long (long translates as dragon in Chinese). In China the year of the dragon is considered the luckiest of the Chinese lunar years, occurring once every 12 years, traditional Chinese beliefs hold that children born during the Year of the Dragon (the symbol of ancient emperors) possess special courage and wisdom. For this project I used a palette of three colors one dark grey and then a pale blue and green which when overlapped created a second darker green tone.

bespoke letterpress baby announcements - chinese dragon

These particular three-colour cards were printed onto 100% cotton 300gsm stock using van son rubber based inks. The fourth colour was produced by overlapping the green and blue.

bespoke Letterpress baby announcements - chinese baby dragon

An important factor when printing with more than one colour is to ensure you have exact registration. This was my first three colour job as I have only ever printed with one or two to date. But this project was a learning curve and I also used my printing press to die cut the circle.

bespoke Letterpress baby announcements -  chinese dragon

more examples of my letterpress projects on the blog can be found on the following links. 

Letterpress Edge Paint

Simple Letterpress Business Cards

How to Letterpress

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Letterpress Business cards – Coloured edges

letterpress business cards

A simple one colour / one sided letterpress business card with same colour edge painting. These particular cards were printed on one side with a black rubber based ink on Crane’s Lettra 300gsm cotton paper. Usually the edge painting looks better on thicker card like 400gsm or even the 600 Cranes gsm lettra paper but in this instance the client, René wanted to keep the thickness to a minimum as he carries a lot of business cards around with him in a little business card card holder and the thicker stock means less card fit inside. All said, the thinner edge painting was noticeable enough and looked-the-part 😉

letterpress business card - edge colouring

Each card is hand pressed on and antique printing machine and just because it is tree free and made of 100% cotton, it doesnt mean we dont have a super bright white. Crane’s Lettra fluorescent white cotton paper is ideal for letterpress business cards and really brings out the true colours as they are pressed into the smooth fibres.

You can order your own letterpress business cards by shooting us an email. Either using your own artwork or a simple layout like above, either way you will be very impressed with the outcome. Letterpress business cards truly are something else and they stand out a mile from the cheaper digital cards that we end up filling our pockets with when attending business events.

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