Rowena Downing Business cards – Luxury stationery

We completed these lovelies for Rowena a week ago and shipped them off to her in Switzerland for a marketing event she was attending. They went down very well she tells us.   We duplexed Somerset Velvet 250 gsm paper to make a nice 500gsm card which was just that little bit more flexible than […]

Letterpress note cards

I just came across these letterpress note cards today. Nice simple 'typewriter style' font on a slightly textured off-white paper, black on white, lovely. No bells and whistles taking your eye of the actual message here. These cards were produced by Sapling Press as a collaboration with Dear Blank, Please Blank , which is a great place to go […]

freelance graphic designer blog – posters

Freelance Graphic Designer's poster picks just a quick one as I found two lovely poster designs that I found worth a comment. And while i am on the theme I thought I would add a few to it. At the bottom of the post I have included my own poster for New York Maestro Dale […]

Comic sans logos

Famous Comic Sans logos well not quite. I wrote here about comic sans and it's use in graphic design or rather how it should probably never be used by a graphic designer in any professional work. But here Graphic Designer Oleg Tarasov has made a great job of 'taking the mickey' by rendering a handful of world […]

Negative Space Logos

Negative Space Logos that work Quite often, in my case certainly, a logo that uses negative space effectively, catches my eye and will be remembered. However, there are many logos that i know and maybe even like but have not immediately seen 'the whole picture'. An example of this is in the FEDEX logo, designed […]

Make your own wedding invitations

Or let me design and print it for you 😉 I have chosen a selection of inspiring cards by other designers or just self made cards which may help you with some ideas to make your own wedding invitations. Throughout this post I will also try to offer a few tips to keep-you-right and save […]

FREE serif font

Although not my own discovery, I find it certainly worth a mention. It is often a challenge to find the right font for your project and although some graphic designers use a small toolbox of about 5 typefaces throughout their entire design projects, this can sometimes just not quite hit the mark. Original Serif fonts […]

comic sans and graphic designers

Why do we hate Comic Sans so? Chocolat is a text editor software/app for Mac and recently it offers, as many other softwares companies do, a free trial of the software before users buy its app. Cleverly and playing just a little bit on the Graphic Designer's vanity… Chocolat offer the app to be used […]

Simple letterpress business cards

We just had our good friend and graphic designer Mette Malling over from Denmark, (Copenhagen to be precise) for the weekend. Pleasantly enough, the weather here in Cologne was fair, but that didnt really matter as we were stuck inside the studio producing a short run of simple letterpress business cards for Mette on the […]

How to letterpress – Adana 8×5

I have already shown the finished product on my blog and will provide a link to it at the end of this post but I have not really answered the question how to letterpress. This is just an example of how letterpress works using a small table top press, in this case an adana 8×5 […]

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