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design sustainability: Help Remedies packaging design It is made from 100% recyclable and biodegradable materials.


We all think we are very environmentally friendly and are always on the look out for new ways to improve our lives through the most up-to-date environmentally friendly innovations. We want to have a greener business and all know that ‘sustainable is good’, we also know that if our clients can see that our company is environmentally considerate they will buy our products. As they say, every little helps and by buying into your eco friendly business and products your customers are not only purchasing the products themselves but rather a piece of mind.  Being aware of your carbon footprint is important however it is not always the cheapest option, in fact… it is rarely the cheapest option, it can take more time, require more accurate research, cost more for production and in turn less profitable but then of course it can also work entirely in the other direction. With more and more people showing interest in their carbon footprint and sustainability there is more and more desire for a cleaner product a product that was created with the welfare of our planet in mind.

So, as a graphic designer that until recently was just offering a service, the most I can do to be eco friendly in my day to day business apart from watching my own carbon footprint, is to encourage my clients to use the more environmentally friendly materials for their printed matter, less plastics in their packaging, less energy in their production overall design sustainability etc etc. My office runs on natural energy, I have recently taken a step back towards the handmade, through sketching with pen and paper rather than the mouse, using recycled paper in my printers, using tree free 100% cotton paper for my letterpress print jobs (where possible) buying second hand inks for the letterpress rather than new inks (soya inks are supposed to be the more eco friendly alternative but I have read a few negative reports about howthe way they are produced is far from eco. So I see it by using rubber based inks which I managed to find on ebay I am not creating any more waste and in turn being more sustainable) Although printing is one of the ways a graphic designer can make a difference, packaging is also a very big issue and one that design has a lot to do with. One of the most eco friendly packagings in our history is the egg carton introduced in the 1930's, Its design has not really changed that much. It is functional, inexpensive to produce and of course protective to a certain extent. Here is a note I found with regard to carton packaging…

Carton packaging is the most eco-friendly claims study 
Cartons are the most environmentally friendly form of packaging cutting carbon dioxide emissions and fossil fuel consumption by up to 60 per cent compared with other forms of packaging, according to a study conducted by the Institute for Energy and Environmental Research.

full report can be read  here


green pack - eco packaging
Eco-friendly solution was to use embossing and to the right the techno vacuum pack


A Green Pack is the way forward, packaging which reduces the environmental impact and ecological footprint and at the same time must meet the functional and economic needs of the present without compromising the future. With this in mind I have selected a number of  interesting packaging designs where great design meets ecologically friendly and sustainable functionality.










Everything is 100% natural…  sugarcane bagasse pulp paper, coated with sugarcane lignin and printed with vegetable-based inks


coke eco packaging

once again packaging using sugarcane pulp paper and vegetable-based inks

green pack



Previous use and a second life for this coconut shell. Fuegos Luxury Cigars

green pack -  cigars

green  pack - olive oil


extra virgin olive oil packaging


Pasta Garofalo, new eco-friendly and biodegradable packaging by Angelini Design



Chris Chapman’s Roll-Out Vegetable Patch. A cardboard step-by-step gardening system for growing your own vegetables.


Green packaging for Nooka Glue-less


Green packaging for Nooka Glue-less. Simple dye cuts making a feature of an otherwise plain carton.

update: viewing a talk on TED over the weekend has really turned my world around. I was sitting in my kitchen the next morning looking at the plastic waste bin and how it had filled in just two days. My family is not huge (wife and two kids) and yet every day, we almost fill a 50 liter plastic bag with waste plastic from cheese packaging, fruit packaging, juice containers, milk cartons, etc etc. I looked in the fridge, everything there was packaged in plastic and that included the Organic produce that makes up at least 60% of our shopping (it would be more but sometimes it is just too expensive). We have from this point on already began to address this issue in the house, we are current looking for produce in our local stores which comes in biodegradable packaging and this is just one way that I fell compelled to help the environment after viewing this video. This is the way I was moved by these facts, but it is just one direction in many, we have to consider more than packaging, we have to consider waste in many more ways. We have to try and recycle more and buy things only because we need them, not because they are new. I think we can all be less passive and a little more active in making a difference. Although there is a much bigger picture being addressed in Paul Gilding's talk 'The Earth is full' each of us can take something from this and start changing for the better.



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