Fix it yourself and feel great while saving the planet

I heard about this on the news this morning at breakfast and I find it absolutely super. I mean, as a kid I always remember my grandfather with the front off his transistor radio or even the toaster disassembled on the kitchen table and him fiddling away, glasses balancing on the end of his nose. I myself took the plung into FIY with my [lockfmlocker]canon multifuctional printer which had stopped working. Once again, after a lot of fiddling and proding I managed to fix it and saved it from the landfill. I have to say I felt pretty good about being able to fix it myself and of course I will consider repairing anything now. This site does make it easier though as many people share their experiences and give tips for repairs and the site even sells some parts for particular repairs. Fix the Planet Repair is recycling! The best way to keep electronics out of landfills is to keep them working longer. Toxic electronic waste is a global problem that we are working to solve. Self repair saves you money and helps the environment!

Go have a look here and start doing your bit for the planet.[/lockfmlocker]