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Free serif fonts - beinetresocial

Although not my own discovery, I find it certainly worth a mention. It is often a challenge to find the right font for your project and although some graphic designers use a small toolbox of about 5 typefaces throughout their entire design projects, this can sometimes just not quite hit the mark. Original Serif fonts are not easy to find but FREE serif fonts are even harder to find. I stumbled upon this page where the author ( Nick Pagano) has taken time to find a number of quality typefaces free to download and use according to their own usage rights. 


Free serif fonts - timeless

My favorite free serif font is timeless (although this is a very subtle serif) Timeless is a really elegant typeface and ideal for wedding invitations for example) it is unusual to find such a stylish font like this for free so go get it:
Free serif fonts - dustismo Roman

Dustismo is another one that stands out for originality. Once again these are pretty well designed fonts for free and although you may have to invest to get the different weights of the typeface for certain projects it is still an exceptional contender. 

You can view and download many more on the following link to Nick's blog. ThinkDesignBlog

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