Fulda Tires Guerrilla Marketing

Fulda Tires Guerrilla Marketing Stunt

fulda tires Guerrilla Marketing, cologne Germany

fulda tires Guerrilla Marketing, cologne Germany

I came across this Fulda Tires Guerrilla Marketing Campaign yesterday in an underground car park in Cologne, Gemany. A brilliant marketing campaign by Fulda tires. This is the first time I seen this campaign, but I imagine had I seen it outside in the middle of summer it would have been more effective. However, the time gap between summer and winter would then be too long and the name might be out of the viewers head come winter. In Germany the law states that everyone must change their car tires to winter tires for the winter months (from around End Oct/Nov to March). So this is definitely a very good idea to get prospective buyers attention.

A quick look on the web discovered another few Guerrilla Marketing gems in the tires and rims category. The following is my favourite as it really can show how your car might look if you were to buy their product, as other wise it can be a long process of trying rims on your car at the shop.

Guerrilla MArketing Alloy Wheels

Insurance companies

Nissan had a go at the big boys suggesting that their sports models outperformed them all at the Nürburgring. Porsche were not overly impressed and threatened Nissan with a law suit for infringement of their logo… Nissan later fixed the problem by replacing the  porsche logo with the word 'porsche'

If you know of any other clever examples of car-related Guerrilla Marketing campaigns, other than the big Bently, Subaru; Audo and BMW  'Car Wars' saga, which you can read about here.

 alternatively, you can see some other general previously featured Guerrilla Marketing examples here