Graphic Designers Business cards

Nick_Bohlen Grafik-design Köln

graphic designer's business cards - letterpress
These Graphic Designers Business cards belong to our neighbor Nick Bohlen of Bohlen design. Nick was troubled by the bad quality orange he was getting from digital printing and so we simply mixed the colors from our rubber based Pantone base colors to match his HKS colour chip. CMYK really can’t produce a nice bright orange like this and unless using a spot colour in Offset printing you are always going to end up with a brownish orange.

designers business cards - letterpress

we used the house cotton stock and laid on a little more impression to get the embossed effect on the logo as you can see here it turned out nicely.

pantone mixing

Matching the colour is difficult in letterpress printing. You have to mix the colour according to how many impressions you usually need to get an even print. For example, if you mix the colour for one impression but you then find that your job needs two runs through the press then you end up with a much darker colour than you anticipated. It is always wise to test the colour on the same paper too as this can also have an effect on the colour. For Nick’s cards we were able to get a nice coverage with just one print.

designers business cards - letterpress

Thanks for reading my post. Do you like the cards? Are you a designer that avoids using orange sometimes because of how digital prints turn out?  I would love to hear your comments.