Halloween costumes

Halloween costumes for inspiration

Inspirational halloween costumes are everywhere on the net. And they are usually much easier to make than you might think. Some of the best costumes I ever made were high impact with relatively little work and time. In the past I have been Edward Scissor Hands, Beavis and Butthead (amazing fun but a bit cold in shorts) Batman, the clown from Steven King’s IT and the last one I done for carnival here in Cologne, a man on an ostrich …also brilliant fun watching those ‘worst for wear’  trying to work out where my real legs were etc. But these were all easy halloween costume ideas.

Halloween costume - riding an ostrich

here are a few examples of very creative halloween costumes online. Like I said, some of these homemade halloween costume ideas are so simple to make.

clever halloween costumes

brilliant van goth self portrait , I have seen this done before where the person carries a picture frame around with them too, but the detail on this guy is amazing (look at the jacket).

clever halloween costumes

Another brilliant homemade halloween costume based on Roy Lichtenstein’s pop art works. 

Halloween costume ideas - toy soldiers

hilarious; I imagine these guys had immense fun while looking fantastic.  One of the best halloween costume ideas for groups.

Banksy halloween costume

Banksy halloween costume, this is a simple and yet superb idea. And there are lots of Banksy designs to work from.



Now the more gruesome Costumes

Creative Halloween Costumes

that’s really horrible but a great idea and definitely one to scare the cr*p out of your mates in the dark. Another easy haloween costume has to be the ‘head in a jar’ costume. This is the best one I had ever seen. 


Halloween costumes for couples

Halloween costumes for couples

Halloween costumes for couples

Halloween costumes for couples

Creepy stuff! That wraps up the best of the best of the diy halloween costumes I could find online.

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