Halloween Inspirations

Halloween Inspirations – Our current window display

Halloween Window Displays

we filled the window with a bunch of autumn leaves and created this skeleton dude out of a cardboard box. He is holding a list of services that we provide in our day to day business. We were thinking of going mad with the window but as it was a last minute thing there was little time to invest when of course the window display would be somewhat temporary. It gets a lot of attention from the public walking past so I guess it was worth while. The follwoing images show how it looks in the day time and of course a close up of the services .

Halloween Inspirations - Window Display - Skeleton


Halloween Inspirations - Window Display - Skeleton

A hand written sign to detail our services hands from the skeletons bony hand. Poster painted on Rolled Somerset Paper.

The following selection of images I found online and find very inspirational. I am particularly impressed by the carved pumpkins. The others beat the traditional halloween characters that we see over and over.

Carved Pumpkin

Halloween Pumpkin Carving

Halloween window display

Comme Ca Shibuya Halloween window display

Halloween window display - skulls

Halloween Inspirations - MOZart Hair 01

Halloween Inspirations - MOZart Hair 01

nice close up of the web detail.

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