Halloween window display for our letterpress cards

here is a post to highlight our halloween window display in the studio, which is currently showcasing our Halloween letterpress greeting cards printed on 100% cotton tree-free paper. They are getting a lot of attention and strangely enough our hand made foam bats are being called anything but scary. The cards can be bought on the kikisoso online shop, you can still have time to have them hand-written and sent directly to your desired recipient providing you make your order before 1pm on Sunday 27th October in Germany and before Wednesday 23rd for rest of Europe.

halloween window display - cologne window display - cologne dom

we created a Cologne skyline backdrop for the display which has proved popular with the locals. There are a number of bats in the window hanging upside down and sleeping, apart from those with their eyes wide open, cards stuffed into their open mouths.

Halloween window display - spider card

just a few spiders sketched out with a thin marker before scanning into the computer transferred to plate and then pressed on our antique printing press. Two color so each card had to be hand fed one at a time and on this occasion… two times.

halloween window display - bats

halloween window display

halloween window display

halloween window display