handmade wedding invitations

Our own Wedding Invitations from the year 2003

As promised we have uploaded our own handcrafted Wedding Invitations that we made back in 2003. If we were to design it again (of course we don't need to ;)) then we would change a lot but we still think it has stood the test of time fairly well.


wedding invitation - handmade

We bought the paper in a large store here in Cologne (germany) called Ortloff. They were pretty expensive cards with the envelopes but the deckled edge was what we were really looking for and these were a beautiful quality paper.

Wedding Invitation - handmade

The deckled edge was beautiful but unfortunately it caused a lot of problems when printing with our inkjet printer. (luckily the epson 1290s had the option of lifting the print head a little when printing on thicker papers). In the end we had to place the cards under another sheet of A4 paper with an area cut out for where we needed to print, this was a lot of work but did the trick as we couldn't afford to have misprints with each card costing around 2.50€ (with envelope). 

Wedding Invitation - Handmade
Insert placed inside the card, this was the final solution which gave it a bit more class. We just used a nice conquerer 120gms paper for this which worked well with our inkjet printer.
just married
A bit of Photoshop work to create a bit of an old photograph look and of course the illusion we were childhood friends. We printed these as individual photos onto epson photo paper and then cut them out and stuck them into the inside of the invitations. Although the Photoshop artwork was not our best, so many people ask us to this day if we were friends as 2 years olds.

Wedding Invitation - Handmade Thank you card
This was a simple card that we sent after the wedding to thank friends and family for their gifts and well wishes. It was a simple cream card with matching envelopes which we bought in Ortloff. 

So in the end our own invitations were quite time consuming and not much cheaper than were we to get them done professionally, we did however get what we wanted and had a lot of fun making them along the way. A good online resource for wedding invitations, wedding trends, wedding invitation fonts etc is the Martha Stewart homepage here and we have an earlier post where we have a few very nice free to use fonts which we think are ideal for wedding invitation text, find them here. We think nowadays there are much better suppliers of papers outs there but it still takes time finding these things so if you are going to do it yourself, don't expect it to be a time-saver by any means. Earlier post with some examples and more tips on creating your own wedding invitations here.

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