Helvetica, love and hate.

Helvetica Poster
A classic list of posters using the helvetica font to get attention or to just look nice. I love this one as it gets your attention straight away, well it gets the attention of most graphic designeers ready to attack the post with their arguments for using helvetica and how it makes theirs and everyone else's lives better and how we would all be lost (quite literally, if they removed the font helvetica from all Signs/Advertisements/Logos/Books/Posters/Labels etc. we would have a very empty world indeed) The message in this poster is about this abuse of helvetica, the designer is right here as it is everywhere as mentioned above but it is hard to know if this 'over use' is just because designers know they can't go too wrong with Helvetica or at least want to seem professional to their clients. I am a fan of Helvetica myself, and do use it fairly often, however, I am not hard-core and don't find that it fits absolutely every brief and that design would die without it. Anyway, the whole helvetica love/hate saga is an age old theme in the design world but you can learn much more about that from the helvetica film