Helvetica Shirts and Creative T-Shirts

Helvetica, isn't it?

I am a fan of helvetica, I have already posted about it here. However… while browsing I have stumbled upon a number of helvetica shirts using the helvetica typeface as the main focus of the design so I have made a collection of them in this post. I am sort of unsure as to how I feel about wearing a helvetica shirt or any typeface on a shirt. OK, I generally don’t wear my labels on the outside per se, but I do appreciate graphics on other peoples shirts (don’t ask me why, I just don’t think i suit it) Anyway, aesthetically these tees are pleasing to the eye but they seem a little pointless, I am asking myself why, why would you want to do that, wear a shirt which has a typeface as a design but doesn't really say anything other than that.

helvetica t-shirt - striped lower case 


helvetica t-shirt - Bold, light weights Upper case

It is also a wonder to me why people put an apple bumper sticker on their car but this is another theme completely. I believe that it is usually graphic designers that wear the helvetica shirts as it has to be only our kind that could possibly have any interest in a typeface to the extent that we would want to share our love of it on our chests. But designers are/and have to be pretty contemporary and stylish and in a way this is a little ‘geeky’, i don’t know why, but I feel that a T-shirt which has a string of html code on it with a hidden message that only coder would understand is much more interesting.

For the graphic designer, the more interesting route would be create a t-shirt that says
Neue Haas Grotesk‘ (the original name for the typeface which was later changed to ‘Helvetia’ for marketing purposes) or even Helvetia’ (which is the latin name for Switzerland which was changed to Helvetica as it means Swiss rather than Switzerland) I have also included below two versions of the word Helvetica written in two typefaces that designers tend to show little love for, immediately these are a little more thought provoking and create a little more buzz than just simply writing the typeface name. So in my mind if a person that is wearing a t-shirt with helvetica across their chest it is only forgivable if

Latin is their mother tongue

b.) They are Swiss

helvetica t-shirt - different weights

helvetica t-shirt - Sentence case, numbers

I like this one particularly, always have like the helvetica ampersand. t shirt creative.
helvetica t-shirt - ampersand & and sign

helvetica shirt, in Helvetica Bold font.

helvetica t-shirt - bold

helvetica shirt with a bit of 'tongue in cheek' fun. t shirt creative.
helvetica t-shirt - bold and light weights

helvetica shirt using the Helvetica ultra light typeface. t shirt creative.

helvetica t-shirt - ultra light

blasphemy, Cooper Black used on this example. t shirt creative.

helvetica t-shirt - coopers black font

possibly graphic designers most hated font 'Comic Sans' spells out the Helvetica name. 

helvetica t-shirt - comic sans