kids birthday party invitations

kids birthday party invitations

just a quick solution for a kids birthday party invitations, well my kid to be honest, my daughter for her 4th birthday party. 

kids birthday party invitations - Age 4

As her Birthday was on Halloween we wanted to try to combine the two, so we asked her and she decided on a little monster party. Now of course 4 year olds are not the most brave, so scary monsters was not going to be the theme at all. We decided on nice friendly colourful and silly looking monsters and to make them even less scary, we put kids inside them. Illustration was quick and simple and done in illustrator using a wacom tablet.

kids birthday party invitations - age 4

You can see another recent card which I created on my letterpress here. Not a birthday card this time, but a Baby Announcement card printed on 100% cotton luxurious paper.  

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