Letterpress Business cards – Coloured edges

letterpress business cards

A simple one colour / one sided letterpress business card with same colour edge painting. These particular cards were printed on one side with a black rubber based ink on Crane’s Lettra 300gsm cotton paper. Usually the edge painting looks better on thicker card like 400gsm or even the 600 Cranes gsm lettra paper but in this instance the client, René wanted to keep the thickness to a minimum as he carries a lot of business cards around with him in a little business card card holder and the thicker stock means less card fit inside. All said, the thinner edge painting was noticeable enough and looked-the-part 😉

letterpress business card - edge colouring

Each card is hand pressed on and antique printing machine and just because it is tree free and made of 100% cotton, it doesnt mean we dont have a super bright white. Crane’s Lettra fluorescent white cotton paper is ideal for letterpress business cards and really brings out the true colours as they are pressed into the smooth fibres.

You can order your own letterpress business cards by shooting us an email. Either using your own artwork or a simple layout like above, either way you will be very impressed with the outcome. Letterpress business cards truly are something else and they stand out a mile from the cheaper digital cards that we end up filling our pockets with when attending business events.

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