Letterpress Business Cards


Here is our latest letterpress project straight from the Adana 8×5 letterpress printing machine. It is a double sided label for a new Luxurious clothing company based in Luxembourg, it was very important that the quality of the label matched that of the garments themselves and therefore we used a 100% cotton paper for that extra soft feel. For the cards we use Cranes lettra 300gms and as we were under pressure to get the cards out in one day we had to use an oil based ink with a faster drying time making it easier for us to flip the cards over and print the back without any messy prints all over the place. I took some photos while printing these cards on the Adana 5×8 and will include a post soon on how to letterpress and maybe other printing techniques. Also, here are some more Letterpress business cards.

Adana 8x5 with Polymer Plates

Polymer plate inked up and stuck to the Boxcar Base. This job was not ideal for the Adana as each card had to be done one-at-a-time and two sided and becasue of a small problem with the polymer (i.e. i lost a dot from the 'i'  on the web address and had to make a new plate)  however, i learnt a lot about polymer plates and of course  'Make-ready' as the Adana, as great as it is for a small table top printer, seemed to need constant adjustment on the compression screws.