letterpress christmas cards (100% cotton / Hand pressed) from kikisoso studio

Letterpress christmas cards – Now available to buy at kikisoso studio’s online store.


kikisoso have released their Hand-Printed letterpress Christmas Cards , hand-fed one by one into an antique Golding printing press these cards are anything but common. Because of the process, every single card is slightly different There is a lot of love that goes into the creation of each of these cards, from the first idea, mixing the ink, paper cutting, folding and packing. They are printing short runs of 300 for each design, so they are like a limited addition piece of artwork  on the finest cotton paper stock.













Kikisoso’s Christmas letterpress cards are available to buy at their online shop and they offer international shipping. There are currently two different ranges of the cards, the first one is the ‘faces’ collection and the later simply called ‘Snowy’ each range consists of three beautiful simple designs.  Hand- Letterpress_weihnachtskarten_inuit_01 Letterpress_weihnachtskarten_inuit_02   Letterpress_weihnachtskarten_penguin_02 Letterpress_weihnachtskarten_penguin_01   Letterpress_weihnachtskarten_inuit_03 Letterpress_weihnachtskarten_POLAR_BEAR_02 Letterpress_weihnachtskarten_polar_bear_04   Letterpress_weihnachtskarten_seal_02 SHOP_images_2013
I hope you enjoyed the kikisoso post 😉 As a small hand-work studio, they really appreciate the ‘Facebook Likes‘ and ‘Sharing’ of their printed goods through any of the social media platforms like Pinterest, Twitter or any of the rest, and if you like something please let them know, that’s essentially how word of mouth can help small businesses to continue to do what they love doing.
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