letterpress nostalgia

This is a beautiful video showing what letterpress is and how it differs from modern digital printing. It was of course the periodical and book printing process for centuries but sadly faded out in the 1950's in the shadow of lithography. This was then to be replaced with the introduction of Computers, speeding up the entire process making the work previously done over a number of days, doable in a matter of hours. Today letterpress although retaining many of the original methods is also becoming a little faster with the introduction of polymer plate which are used to make templates from images and text which saves time on the painstakingly slow process of typesetting lead characters one by one and for almost the same effect. 2012 will also see loudBANG! design adding letterpress to it's list of services. This means letterpress business cards, wedding invitations, birth announcements, greeting cards, artist's/children's books etc.