Guerilla Marketing, my top 15 campaigns.

Guerilla Marketing is a form of advertising which…, in the beginning was assumed to be a Low Budget way to make High Impact advertisements.It was used to get the message directly out there through powerful and in your face methods with a very low budget. Often seen as shocking, disturbing, distasteful it is not everyones favourite approach to get the message across and yet many of us are impressed by the intelligent, complexing, unconventional, and sometimes bizarre outcome of many of the best campaigns that we have experienced. The following are examples of Guerilla marketing on the internet.

The base objective of guerrilla marketing is to create an engaging, thought-provoking and original concept in order to generate a buzz. If it suceeds then it usually turns viral, meaning, their messages appeal to individuals with a high social networking potential (SNP) and in turn there is a high probability these individuals, spread the message within their social network in a short period of time.

Large and small companies alike use the power of GuerillaMarketing, however,  even though the big players have more money to throw at their advertising projects making it more and more ridiculous in what lengths they will go to, it is not always these campaigns that work best and the low budget campaign can often be just as effective, if not more effective as a modern marketing strategy.

posters for the Bronx Zoo – Very cost effective and clever use of nature.

a fantastic idea on autopilot

mini cooper as christmas presents, discarded boxes. Really a great idea which was originally done in 2004 by Paris' City Transit Authority which ran ads proclaiming "One New Bus Per Day" but this was a photoshop image. Dutch creative agency Ubachswisbrun JWT took this concept a step further, by actually making enormous cardboard boxes with Mini Coopers printed onto them.

lovely yet cheeky idea.

ouch! I don't know about this one actually

more examples of Guerilla Marketing on Billboards.