Our Illustration for Personalised children’s storybook

Beautiful Childrens book - Personalisable!!!

We have just illustrated this wonderful personalised picture book for the Swiss based company Librio. Their book ‘The TREE the KEY & ME’ tells a story of the magic tree with a portal to a colourful forest where the forest animals are seeking for someone’s help to restore their forest back to its original splendour. You can place your chosen child as the main character in the story by typing in his name and configuring the hair colour, eye colour and gender etc. making him the hero of the story (see the configurator below)


personalise your gift

A splendid idea and a beautiful gift. Librio’s Book is currently available in English and German and will soon be followed by Spanish, Swiss German and many more. Available in Hard and soft back covers. The configurator tool allows you to see the entire personalised book after you spend a few minutes configurating the character. This preview will already show you the chosen hair style, hair and eye colour and the child’s name is inserted right in there, showing you exactly what you will get before you make your purchase. 

personalised storybooks, premium quality with beautiful illustrations

You can read Librio’s Ceo Ed Russell’s latest post on their blog about their amazing new product, their charity efforts and more info about how personalised print books could significantly boost children’s early literacy skills. Alternatively can visit the Librio website and start configuring your very own personalised storybook. Subscribe to Librio’s newsletter here for special offers and updates.