Self Promotion – Getting noticed

self promotion ideas

Self Promotion a great way to stand out or to show your talents as a designer.

Self promotion -
Self promotion -


Self Promotion for NDX - give away box, muscle print shirt

this was a promotion for NDX Market which I created in order to emphasise the main features or benefits of their new online auction product. The three items were to symbolize ‘Powerful’ (muscle shirt with the logo centre like a superhero), ‘Fast’ (a tiny and mad fast remote control car ) and ‘secure’ (a carabiner with a 4gb usb stick inside). The three items were branded with the logo. Individual packages for each item were created before being grouped together in a give away pack.


Graphic designer’s Self Promotion

here are a number of graphic design self promo pieces, I have included a few of my own in the list and will add to this post as I find some more interesting ides for self promotion.

business card self promotion
nice idea here with a seed in the business card paper wallet. grows like ideas growing. The caption another  ‘blooming designer’

designers self promotional business card

radio / DJ Business card - self promotion
love the idea here and a nice bit of die cutting there too.

self promotion - business card

self promotion - business card

self promotion - hand made furniture business card
lovely little touch here. A chair on the pop up backing up the handmade element.

self promotion business card - paper folds
this si just class. Simple idea and executed brilliantly, the paper quality and the font etc.

self promotion business cards

pantone business card - self promotion
one of my old business cards using the pantone book to emphasize print design

more business card designs here and letterpress business cards here.