Not ‘Blue movies’ rather ‘Blue Sex Toys Packaging’


 Oooh er! erm, this is a graphic design blog and not one of the new internet sites that you may find out there with the 'NEW .xxx domain extension (tld)', then why on earth do you have a large colourful image of a couple of fanny tickling cock rings and a blue dildo you could knock a burgler out with. Well here's your answer, they look really really cool, from the name 'Laid' to the products themselves and their actual form and last but not least the packaging. I love it! There is a certain cleanliness to it, an almost clinical look, but then it is so much better than the smutty imagery normally employed to show us what we should use these products for. The Blue sex toys packaging Design is by Skin Design Laid AS is the first Norwegian company to design and manufacture sex toys for men and women. They have chosen an exclusive image in order to break away from the sex industry’s traditional style and at the same time remove preconceptions. The aim is for the quality and design of both the sex toys packaging and the sex toys as a product in order to create a new sales arena.