Smallest Printing Company – Letterpress effect

letterproeftuin, mini press

The Smallest Printing Company - Beautiful mini printing studio. A miniature screen printing bed and letterpress

An innovative Letterpress Effect / technique and a compact screen printing bed… simply genius, the smallest printing company project by ‘Letterproeftuin’. I absolutely love this project, sent to me in a link from my graphic designer friend Stefan. It all works, the screen printing bed and the letterpress effect achieved with an albion style press, in small scale albeit. The project was in fact part of the International Poster and Graphic Design Festival Chaumont 2013.

alternative printing studio - the smallest design company - International Poster and Graphic Design Festival Chaumont 2013.

I have just learned a bit about the Letterproeftuin conception and find it very interesting indeed. They call it a traveling open-source design studio and they try to encourage graphic designers to ‘get their hands dirty’ in an otherwise controlled and non inspiring corporate design path. Basically the same reason why my wife and I were encouraged to start our printing company kikisoso creative after a visit to the Frankfurter Buchmesse (Frankfurt Book Fair)

This incites design inspiration, understanding of the printing process and encourages collaboration with like-minded design and printing professionals. I have inserted a few images from their feature on the smallest design company below, but you should also visit their homepage for a breath of fresh air.

you can read more about the Smallest Printing Company here but please don’t forget to visit the letterproeftuin homepage here