Graphic Designer Creates A Logo For News Articles

image hosted on homepage Cristina Napoleone an Italian Graphic Designer started a side project named ‘Loghificio’, in which she takes a piece of news and simply designs a logo for it. Well, it seems like a fun project looking at what examples I have seen. You can see her other efforts on the following link. Graphic […]

Negative Space Logos

Negative Space Logos that work Quite often, in my case certainly, a logo that uses negative space effectively, catches my eye and will be remembered. However, there are many logos that i know and maybe even like but have not immediately seen 'the whole picture'. An example of this is in the FEDEX logo, designed […]

bespoke Letterpress baby announcements

bespoke Letterpress baby announcements with three languages. these letterpress baby announcement cards are just out the door and on their way to the client. As this year is the Year of the dragon in China, this little man was called chen long (long translates as dragon in Chinese). In China the year of the dragon is considered […]

design sustainability and eco packaging design

design sustainability: Help Remedies packaging design It is made from 100% recyclable and biodegradable materials.   We all think we are very environmentally friendly and are always on the look out for new ways to improve our lives through the most up-to-date environmentally friendly innovations. We want to have a greener business and all know that […]

Art Cologne – International Art Fair

Just a short note to let you know what is happening here in Cologne at the moment. The Art Cologne Fair is currently underway and will run for 5 days (last day 22nd April) it was established in 1967 as Kölner Kunstmarkt (Cologne Art Market/Fair) and it is regarded the world's oldest art fair of its kind. This […]

Clever graffiti – Art or Vandalisim

it's a difficult one, I suppose I would say I am against graffiti and to be completely honest, as a teenager I actually didn't do much more than write my name on a lamppost, which I suppose was actually called 'Tagging', The thing is, this is actually the kind of graffiti I now hate most. Writing your […]

Information Graphics

It's certainly been a while since I have worked on some information graphics like these but I have to say it is fun to create these little guys. As in any design scenario, solving the problem is the main goal, enjoyment comes if we like our solution. The first graphic that I am replacing was […]