inspirational and unique business cards

Unique business cards, something a little different

unique shaped business cards

The purpose of the unique business card is not just to give someone your details, it is a little piece of you that continues to represent you when you are no longer face to face with the client. A unique card is one which does the hardest part of the work for you, it 'makes you memorable long after the trade show has passed and all memories of the event and the people are starting to fade. A card that communicates well is one which will not be set aside but rather treasured. Of course it is not easy to make a card that everyone will want to hold onto but if you use humor, skill, cleverness or even any little something which is more than the norm you are on the way to making yourself remarkable to a prospective client. 

here are a number of examples of cards which were different enough to stand apart form the thousands on the net But watch this space there are many more to come, I have collected a great collection of clever business cards.

inspirational business cards -  casablanca furniture

laptop business card

unique business cards designs

unique and clever business cards

simple idea but fantastic

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