Water in a Box

Introducing ‘Water in a box’ by my guest blogger Bex from Storm Trading.

Water in a box packaging by Brighton (UK) based design consultancy Designate

Spring water company, Water in a Box have recently unveiled Tetra Pak; a lightweight, 100% recyclable carton. 

Their water will be sold in paperboard cartons, as apposed to the plastic bottles we have become so accustomed to. The Cartons are made from low carbon raw materials, and according to the Spring water brand, their Tetra Pak will be the first flavoured water to be backed and sold in cartons around the UK.

Tesco has already closed a deal with the eco-friendly company and began selling the boxed water in its London stores less than four weeks ago.

The trendy looking cartons hold 330ml of water, which is available in a selection of different flavours.

The box design is very eye-catching to say the least. The company has gone for a ‘less-is-more’ design which features a white background and bold font, each flavor with its own colour.

As well as having well designed packaging, its a joy to see companies mixing good design with eco-friendliness. 

This article was written by Bex from Storm Trading. Bex recommends using environmentally friendly cardboard boxes. More examples of eco friendly packaging here or a selection of beautiful packaging examples on an earlier post here.